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Looking for a great leadership opportunity on campus? Get involved with Recurso and experience first hand humanitarian work while enjoying valuable interactions with other UF students, professors, and Gainesville residents. We are looking for full time student from all different majors and backgrounds. Fill out an application by following this link:

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Running For Water

Don’t forget to register for Running For Water! It’s this coming weekend, so sign up asap! If you can’t make it, you can also donate to the cause on the website :). If you haven’t yet, watch this video to learn more:

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101 Downtown Fund-RAGE-er

Join us tonight, March 16th, at 101 Downtown to help raise money for medical supplies going to Nicaragua and Ghana. Just $5 for 21 and up, $7 for under-agers. Please purchase tickets online ahead of time so we get a number to expect!! Thank you.

Follow this link:


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Running 4 Water 2012

Come on March 24th and support this great cause.

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March 2012

Come out March 24th 2012 and help raise money to build wells in Sudan. This 5k will be a lot of fun and you will be running for a good cause. Recurso is partnering with TriDelta Sorority and the Women’s Student Association, check out the website and register for the race!

∆∆∆/Recurso/WSA Running for Water 5k

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Busy Month!

Hello Recurso!!

Check out our new schedule under the “Schedule” Tab which has been updated with all our events for the rest of the semester!

Our next general body meeting will be next week 11/8 @ 6:30 PM in RNK 110.

Recurso will be hosting speaker Sandy Slater-Jones, head of Further Education and Training at the South African Wildlife College and founder of the project TREES OF GOODNESS in South Africa’s Great Lampopo Transfrontier Park.

Trees of Goodness aims to ensure that the community and environment coexist and benefit from each other in this big five wildlife game reserve.

Come out to hear Sandy speak and learn about INTERNSHIP and VOLUNTEER opportunities. Trees of Goodness not only provides an opportunity to see beautiful nature and animals (like cheetahs and rhinos) but give experience in helping people in the community develop programs to benefit from their environment in a sustainable way.

AND THENN…join us for dinner afterwards at THE TOP!!
It’s gonna be a good time for socializing and corn nuggets!

We are in the process of transitioning websites…if you would like to check out our new website, made by our very own webmaster, Chris C., check out !

Have an awesome weekend!

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“Wake up and Smell the Coffee”

Tuesday! Join Recurso 10.4.11 @ 6:30 PM in RNK 110 for our Annual Screening of “Black Gold”. Learn what’s in your coffee!

Check out the Facebook Event:

Tonight! Come out for volleyball Monday 10.3.11 @ 10 PM in SW Rec! Make sure to be there for the “Recurso Ballers” 1st win and score your own team t-shirt!

See you there!

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Geeeet Reaadddy for Fair Trade Month!!

Thanks everyone for coming out to all of our events last week!

We made $45 at our Cold Stone fundraiser and that will be going to Padres Contra el Cancer!

Volleyball last week was really fun (even though we lost) but it’s going to be EVEN BETTER tonight!
Join us at 10 PM Tonight (9/26) in SW Rec to own our opponents and score your very own “Recuro Ballers” team t-shirt!

October is Fair Trade Month! To celebrate, we will be starting off the month with a screening of the documentary “Black Gold” on Oct. 4 (6:30 in RNK 110).

Our Fair Trade Fair is soon to come. From Oct. 10-12 We will be tabling in Plaza of the Americas passing around Fair Trade chocolate chip cookies (made by yours truly and the rest of eboard). Come out and learn about how your consumer choices affect the lives of those picking the beans for your coffee and chocolate.

On Oct. 11 we will be hosting 3 amazing speakers for our Annual Recurso Fair Trade Panel in the Ocora Room in Pugh Hall (6:30 PM)
We will be presenting:
Kevin Ward: the former Fair Trade Federation Chairman
Marty Mesh: one of the founders of the Agricultural Justice Project
Laurie Wilkins: who owns and operates Gainesville’s local Fair Trade crafts store Alternatives

Stay tuned for more and have a wonderful week!!

P.S. Check out this link for more info on Fair Trade:

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Get Pumped for Next Week!!

Hey All!

Next week we have 3 exciting events coming up!

Monday 9.19.11 Cold Stone Fighting Cancer with HHM
6:00-8:00 PM
We are having our first fundraiser/social in order to raise money for Hispanic Heritage Month in conjunction with Hispanic Student Association for the non-profit Padres Contra el Cancer. I will be there singing some 90s hip-hop (you know you love it) and making the ice cream for tips!

Monday 9.19.11 Intramural Volleyball at Southwest Rec
10:00 PM

Work off that ice-cream at intramural volleyball! Bring your gator one and a grey shirt! We’ll be bumpin’, spikin’, and settin’ the night away.

Tuesday 9.20.11 Economic Advice on Latin America and Africa
RNK 110 6:30-8:00 PM

At Recurso’s second meeting of the semester, we have the exciting opportunity to listen to Diego Valderamma speak on “”Economic Development in Africa and Latin America: a Former FAO Officer Offers Practical Advice.”

As a natural resource economist, Valderamma has worked for the Fisheries and Aquaculture Department at FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) between 2008-2010. He’s been involved in official FAO missions in Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Zambia, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Paraguay and the Philippines.

So basically, he’s legit. And exciting!

See you guys there!

Check out the “Schedule” Tab for the rest of the events of the semester, and the “Get Involved” Tab for the Children’s Rights Director Application.

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Talks, Tabling, and an Open Director Position!

Thanks to everyone who attended our meeting last week given by Felipe from Florida Organic Growers! There was a great turnout and it was awesome to see how many of you want to get involved in Recurso and maybe apply for a position with FOG!

As I announced in the meeting, we are looking for a Children’s Rights Director for Recurso. This director is responsible for putting on 2 events throughout the school year that raise awareness of a specific issue within the realm of children’s rights. Creativity is highly encouraged and awareness-raising events can range from having a speaker talk about his or her personal experience advocating for children’s rights in a rural community to throwing a benefit concert for a non-profit organization.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please fill out the application here:

The application and emailing of your resume are due by Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2011.

If you have any questions about what directors do, please email me at

This past week and throughout this week we will be tabling outside of Turlington to spread the word about Recurso. Don’t be shy to stop by and say hello! We always need help to hold down the tri-fold board to keep it from flying away!

Until next week!

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