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Unfortunately, we will not be having this service trip this year. We plan to go back to Nicaragua in the summer of 2013.

Each year, Recurso Trip Directors select a diverse group of 24 students from the University of Florida to participate in Recurso’s International Service Trip to Nicaragua. Participants work hard to accomplish a variety of service projects, including the construction of new classroom buildings, dental hygiene presentations, and pre-natal care campaigns. Participants also have the opportunity to interact with schoolchildren, physicians, local non-profit organizations, and others throughout the community.

Recurso’s International Service Trip to Nicaragua is about 3 weeks in length, and takes place from May 4th to May 21st . Those interested may apply on the home page of our website, and will be interviewed and notified of their acceptance before the trip. The cost of the trip ranges from $1,100 to $1,300. This cost includes roundtrip airfare, hotels, transportation, and most meals during our stay in Managua and Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua.

Check out Recurso’s past projects below! If you have any questions, please email us at

School Construction Project

In May 2010, Recurso began the construction of a new classroom building for Escuelita de Los Amiguitos school in Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua. The children in this city had previously been going to school outdoors and weren’t protected by the burning sun or pouring rain. Recurso participants mixed cement by hand, laid bricks, and shoveled sand for 8 full days, and successfully completed the floor foundation and put up all four walls. For the 2011 trip, we plan to continue construction at Escuelita de Los Amiguitos, as well as provide the school with new desks and computers.

Dental Hygiene Campaign

Since May 2007, Recurso has been conducting a Dental Hygiene Campaign for the schoolchildren in Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua. The Dental Hygiene Campaign not only provides each child with a new toothbrush and tube of toothpaste, but also serves to educate these children on the importance of taking care of their teeth. As part of the campaign, participants of Recurso conduct fluoride treatments on these children so as to better protect their teeth from decay. In May 2010, Recurso expanded its Dental Hygiene Campaign to Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, as well as Terrabona. The Recurso group not only conducted dental hygiene presentations in Spanish, but also performed fluoride treatments and distributed toothbrushes and toothpaste to a total of 1,000 schoolchildren in Nicaragua. We hope to continue expanding our campaign for future Recurso trips.

Pre-Natal Care Campaign

Since May 2008, Recurso participants have visited La Casa Materna, a maternity house in Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua that aids and houses women with high-risk pregnancies. La Casa Materna is home to pregnant women who have been victims of domestic violence, rape, and abuse. As it is the only maternity house on the east coast of Nicaragua, it is usually overcrowded with not enough beds or supplies for all of the women who stay there. In May 2009, Recurso participants worked to create a safer, more comfortable environment at La Casa Materna through landscaping, purchasing new chairs, and even painting a beautiful mural for the women. Recurso has also donated pre-natal vitamins, folic acid supplements, baby clothes, and blankets to the maternity house. In May 2011, Recurso plans to expand La Casa Materna by constructing new bedrooms and an educational resource room with information on proper nutrition and food safety during pregnancy.

Medical Supplies Drive and Hospital Visit

The city of Puerto Cabezas has only one hospital which serves the entire east coast of Nicaragua and a population of over 250,000. Throughout the year, Recurso collects medical supplies through the donations of local doctors and hospitals in Florida. Participants have the opportunity to tour the hospital and even see major surgeries, allowing them to experience the great contrast in medical care between the U.S. and Nicaragua.

La Chureca, Managua Landfill

Since May 2008, Recurso participants have visited La Chureca, a Managua city landfill which is home to over 1,500 people. These inhabitants, who are unable to find work in Managua, travel to the landfill and spend their days rummaging through garbage in search of something they can sell or eat. As a result of living in such unsanitary conditions, they become victims to respiratory illness, skin disease, and lead poisoning. During the May 2010 trip, Recurso participants provided fluoride and lice treatments to children at a health clinic in La Chureca.

El Verbo Orphanage Visit

The most treasured memories of Recurso participants stem from their visit to El Verbo orphanage in Puerto Cabezas. At El Verbo, participants form lasting friendships with these children, who are so full of joy and love in spite of living in such impoverished conditions. Recurso organizes various activities with the children, including arts and crafts, baseball games, and piñata parties. Recurso has also conducted a number of construction and renovation projects at El Verbo, ranging from painting the walls to building new bunk beds.

Beyond Service

Cultural immersion is a major part of our trip. After over 2 weeks of hard work, Recurso participants travel to Leon and Granada, where they have the opportunity to visit art museums, churches, and various other historical sites. In Granada, the Recurso group spends the morning trekking and ziplining across the famous Mombacho volcano.

The mission of Recurso is not only to provide direct aid to those in Nicaragua, but also to educate its participants on the intense poverty that exists in developing countries. Participants return with a greater understanding of the culture and beauty of Nicaragua, as well as a desire to continue to serve those less fortunate than themselves. We hope that members of the trip will come back as an inspiration to those around them and as leaders working towards a better future for our global community.

Consider Donating to the Trip

Besides monetary donations, we’re gladly accepting donations of supplies for our projects. Please feel free to contact us if you have something to donate by emailing us at

Medical Supplies: Needles, Scalpels, Surgical Supplies, Medical Gloves

Dental Supplies: Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Floss, Fluoride Gel, Trays

School Supplies: Pens, Pencils, Notebooks, Paint

Pre-Natal Supplies: Folic Acid, Pre-Natal Supplements, Baby Clothing

Special thanks to our sponsors:

The Rotary Club of Pensacola

Doctors Hospital of Sarasota

Cape Surgery Center of Sarasota

Blake Medical Hospital of Bradenton

Cardiovascular Associates of Sarasota

Incarnation Catholic School

… and many others.

Non-Discrimination Policy

We do not discriminate on the basis of age, creed, color, disability, race, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, political opinions or affiliations and veteran status. It is our intention that all qualified trip applicants be given equal opportunity.


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