“To The World you May be Just One Person, But to One Person You Just Might Mean the World”

Recurso, a gentle word for “improving the life quality of a child,” is a 501(c)(3) international non-profit organization that began in May 1999. Recurso is dedicated to improving the human condition by empowering students across the nation to provide direct sustainable development and aid. Recurso’s three areas of concentration are: health, water, and education. This includes promoting primary education, quality health care, dental hygiene education, the building of schools and providing school supplies to our global community partners.

Additionally, Recurso at the University of Florida seeks to educate and promote awareness  on issues such as world hunger, gender inequality, the rights of children, genocide and human rights, water and sanitation, and global health disparity.  Recurso also strives to provide UF students with career and internship opportunities.

We hope that through heightened local awareness, events, career opportunities, and service projects, the specific circumstances of communities in these countries will be improved. Within Gainesville, we strive to educate the public about international poverty issues, the importance of being a universal citizen and the value of community service.

Recurso’s History

Recurso started in May of 1999 with one person’s dream to aid Peruvian children suffering from cancer. Recurso, a gentle word for “ improving the life quality of a child”, believes that every child and human being has the right to equal resources.

In the beginning, Recurso’s mission was to raise awareness for underprivileged children afflicted with cancer in Peru. Over time, Recurso broadened its horizons to focus on helping children in other developing countries.

Today, Recurso is a 501(c)(3) international non-profit organization, dedicated to improving the human condition. Recurso partners with organizations around the world in various capacities by providing financial assistance, donations, emotional support and other much needed resources. This includes clothing, school supplies, water filters, fluoride treatments, folic acid for expecting mothers, and the construction of schools.

Service Trip History

Each year, Recurso Trip Directors select a diverse group of 24 students from the University of Florida to participate in Recurso’s International Service Trip to Nicaragua. According to UNICEF, Nicaragua remains the second poorest country in the Americas, with extreme poverty afflicting the majority of the population. More than 25% of its residents struggle to survive on the equivalent of less than $1 per day.

One of Nicaragua’s most impoverished areas, Puerto Cabezas, was severely afflicted in September 2007 by Hurricane Felix, a Category Five hurricane, and again in November 2009 by Hurricane Ida. Puerto Cabezas houses the only hospital on the entire east coast of Nicaragua and a population of 250,000. Recurso has organized a variety of service projects to directly assist those in Puerto Cabezas and throughout Nicaragua.

Recurso’s ongoing projects in Nicaragua include:

  • A School Construction Project, where Recurso participants mix cement, lay bricks, and shovel sand to construct a new classroom building for Escuelita de Los Amiguitos school in Puerto Cabezas.
  • A Dental Hygiene Campaign to provide fluoride treatments to schoolchildren in Managua and Puerto Cabezas, as well as educational presentations on proper dental hygiene.
  • A Medical Supplies Drive for the only hospital in Puerto Cabezas.
  • A Pre-natal Care Campaign, where Recurso participants create a safer, more comfortable environment for expecting mothers at the maternity house in Puerto Cabezas through landscaping, repairing beds, and painting beautiful murals.

The mission of Recurso at the University of Florida is not only to provide direct aid to those in Nicaragua, but also to educate its participants on the intense poverty that exists in developing countries. Participants return with a greater understanding of the culture and beauty of Nicaragua, as well as a desire to continue to serve those less fortunate than themselves. We hope that members of the trip will come back as an inspiration to those around them and as leaders working towards a better future for our global community.

Event History

Recurso holds local events such as the Founders Day Gala, The International Food and Dance Festival, various Forums, and the Hunger Banquet, to help raise awareness about the importance of being an active universal citizen. These events organized by the chapter of Recurso at the University of Florida have raised significant funds to support children in need. In the past, we raised funds for chemotherapy treatment for children in Peru, mobile hospital beds, and expensive surgical equipment for the Neoplastic Hospital for Illnesses and the Clinica-Hogar San Juan de Dios in Lima, Peru.

Recurso organizes projects throughout the year to directly benefit a community in need. We have an annual canned food drive in the fall and have a whole host of other projects that change to meet the specific needs that we find most important at that time. Through these projects we’ve provided Colombian children with clothing, Nicaraguan children with immunizations, and holiday cards to orphans in the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua.


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