Posted by: recursouf | November 3, 2011

Busy Month!

Hello Recurso!!

Check out our new schedule under the “Schedule” Tab which has been updated with all our events for the rest of the semester!

Our next general body meeting will be next week 11/8 @ 6:30 PM in RNK 110.

Recurso will be hosting speaker Sandy Slater-Jones, head of Further Education and Training at the South African Wildlife College and founder of the project TREES OF GOODNESS in South Africa’s Great Lampopo Transfrontier Park.

Trees of Goodness aims to ensure that the community and environment coexist and benefit from each other in this big five wildlife game reserve.

Come out to hear Sandy speak and learn about INTERNSHIP and VOLUNTEER opportunities. Trees of Goodness not only provides an opportunity to see beautiful nature and animals (like cheetahs and rhinos) but give experience in helping people in the community develop programs to benefit from their environment in a sustainable way.

AND THENN…join us for dinner afterwards at THE TOP!!
It’s gonna be a good time for socializing and corn nuggets!

We are in the process of transitioning websites…if you would like to check out our new website, made by our very own webmaster, Chris C., check out !

Have an awesome weekend!


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